Monday, October 11, 2010

...the shifting ground!

Over four decades back, I picked up a few laminations from a discarded lot, on the way back from the primary school. It was a treasured lot for play. A close family friend, 'stole' some of these. I was really upset, even more concerned that my folks continued to be friends with "their" family. Gradually, the whole episode appears so insignificant and kid stuff ! I can see ... the shifting ground!

Nearly two decades back, we moved overseas. What was the foundation and identity for decades, the place of childhood, youth, marriage, birth of kids, the parental "home" continued to have massive pull within for long. After a while the parental family also migrated. Happened to visit the place few months back. While I have vivid memory of many miles, I can see ... the shifting ground!

Sitting in the train, on the way to/from work, sometimes I doze off. Few stations pass by, without noticing ...the shifting ground!

Gradually, am trying to figure out, what stays with you, despite ...the shifting ground!


  1. A very interesting question Raj. I was about to say our memories, but that isn't always the case, is it?
    I'm trying to figure that one out myself now.

  2. I do think Ken has a point about ‘Hope’ was the first thing to come to mind. But hope is not a constant and very often is a victim of ‘shifting ground’. Finally I found that more than hope it was ‘Purpose’ we carry or get carried by. Purpose apparent or not, nevertheless present.
    Purpose by its very nature drives one through this journey. Whether we are searching for a purpose, or trying to understand one. Abandoning one or adopting another. In an inexplicable way our very existence has purpose.
    That I feel would be the only enduring thing that goes with us, despite the .....shifting ground.

    A wonderful thought-provoking post Raj. I will be persuing this thought for a while...Thanks.

  3. Grateful for your notes & reflections Ken & Khushi - am trying to find the answer myself - the best I can say, at the moment, is your core being !