Monday, March 28, 2011

...focal length !

Physics explains the need to keep objects at a certain distance, for clarity of vision. Some of us wear specs to adjust the ...focal length !

A little baby can sit and sleep in your lap for hours. Gradually it will start moving, playing, hiding, seeking ... For clarity of vision, there will be an adjustment of the...focal length !

Sitting in lap of Nature, we can admire a blade of grass, covered in dew, as also the greenery many miles away, as we have the right ...focal length !

I have been keen to connect with others in social and professional settings. Few years back, a friend invited me to a professional networking event. The evening was fine, as was all the arrangement. Having been to several such events, I could see a slight shift in the ...focal length !

It's fascinating to see how we feel connected to others in different settings, at times with little contact. A note from an associate, sitting in another part of the world, a little smile from a toddler or a pet wagging its tail, can all gently tilt our ...focal length !

PS : "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness".


  1. Hi Raj
    I wear glasses, as you know...varifocal lenses and I'm forever adjusting to the focal length:)

    I'm going to google that graffiti phrase in the hope I find it's creator.

  2. "that graffiti phrase ... & it's creator" what a fine way of "adjusting to the focal length" much appreciated Ken

  3. Ken & Raj: that graffiti phrase is actually a quote of Samuel Beckett's-an Irish novelist and playwright.