Tuesday, August 2, 2011

... the Design !

The story goes that a young princess Pootna was simply smitten by a good looking young monk vising the palace. She earnestly wished to "mother" him. Some time later, following some unpleasant exchange, she was determined to "poison" him! Given the intensity of her desire, it's said, The Lord granted both, eventually taking her in His care. The story helps me decipher ... the Design !

It's fascinating to see countless translations of this saga in everyday life. How easily our desires multiply, change form and drive us to achieve, sustain, posses and preserve. Long back, I do remember, getting concerned about academic grades on a few occasions. On most occasions, I was able to bounce back right away ! In the midst of it all, you try to figure out ... the Design !

Most economic models try to establish and validate any proposal in terms of Net Present Value. Any step we take is certainly influenced by the perceived value of returns. The beauty of human life lies in the ever changing, evolving, organic and subjective nature of ... the Design !

Several suggestions have been offered to help as along. A friendly dialogue, sharing notes, silent reflection and meditation, determined outlook, guidance from learned ones and a generous dose of humour helps me comprehend. It seems that our passage, is also part of ... the Design !


  1. I was thinking about the Design this very day. I find it good to reflect on it fairly regularly. Thanks, Raj.

  2. You too Raj! Often, in introspection, I wonder about the pattern of my life...in various times and instances. The fibre, the weft and warp,the fabric....Thank you for sharing.

  3. Many thanks Ken - your notes help "to reflect on it fairly regularly" - a simple statement from a friend can go a long way.

  4. Thanks again Khushi, it's a fascinating process to comprehend " the pattern ..... The fibre, the weft and warp,the fabric" Grateful