Wednesday, August 31, 2011

…. Poetic justice.

It’s human nature to search for the infinite in most dimensions. Be it our will, skill or effort, a certain notional ideal can be the driving force. This infinite reservoir can inspire us, make us perspire, while taking its own course for … Poetic justice.

Last year, during the trip to New Delhi, I was looking for a title at a bookstore. Literally, out of the blue, happened to see a little book – Letters to Sam by Daniel Gottlier – unrelated to what I was looking for. It’s a pleasure to see the way things shape up. Probably pointing to … Poetic justice.

Few moths back, a friend called up to say that he had a spare ticket to a concert for a famous classical singer. Having enjoyed his songs for many years, it was an opportunity not to miss. I was probably ready for this grand finale.. for .. Poetic justice.

This is to pay my respects to a professor who has been a significant figure in my life. While I was never his student, I have had the opportunity to interact with him at several stations and in varied contexts. He has been a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller at times. He has been gentle, frustrating and demanding on occasions. As I look back, he has a fine place within, pointing to …. Poetic justice.


  1. poetic justice..or just plain destiny
    cant really say vat it is..but i agree it happens alot!

  2. Much appreciated Rahul it's probably a mix of "poetic justice.&. plain destiny" it happens a lot!