Monday, August 15, 2011

.... what’s in front !

A toddler is sitting a few rows in front of me in the train. This cute little kid is pretty relaxed in company of his Dad. I can see rays of Divine reflection in.... what’s in front.

Few weeks back, I was at a social get-together. A few kids were singing a song in front of the gathering. Somehow, I was not with it. With the best of intent, you may not be able to relate to .... what’s in front.

There are several occasions when you can see that a common event is having a different impact on different people. Be it a movie, a cricket match, an election campaign or a burst water main. What’s at the back of your mind, does influence how you relate to .... what’s in front.

The story goes that a renowned professor visited a Zen master to learn about few finer points. The Master welcomed the guest & served him tea. He continued to pour tea, even when the cup was full. Dazzled, the prof remarked, how can you pour tea into cup that’s already full ! The Master added – perhaps you are like that cup – that’s already full!

To a degree, we need the empty cup... to capture, relish, absorb and be part of.... what’s in front.


  1. Empty what is full; fill what is empty. We can only breathe in when we breathe out. An overflow is wasted not 'captured, relished, absorbed to be a part of...what's in front.' You have put it succinctly.

  2. I love this post, Raj. You always make me think. Well done.

  3. "Empty what is full; fill what is empty. We can only breathe in when we breathe out" resonates beautifully within Khushi - Grateful

  4. You are always generous Ken. Grateful