Thursday, May 13, 2010

...power of prayer!

Having seen almost all elders pray in different shapes & forms, there is an implicit faith and acceptance within of the power of prayer!

To begin with one prays for material gain, achievement, a sense of self-worth, security, social status…On several occasions, automatically, you find yourself praying for the well being of nears & dears. It has been a pleasure to have seen several deep rooted prayers mature beautifully ... not necessarily in a linear fashion.

Gradually you try to figure out, who is asking Whom for What! At this cross-section, the best I can say I am seeking Faith, It’s said that a little mouse in a cat’s mouth feels most scared. A little kitten in cat’s mouth feels most safe! It’s essentially a matter of cultivating Faith!

One can just admire the creative genius of several artists that have captured such fine notes, so beautifully: [In Punjabi : Hor kee mangna main rabb kolon, nit kher manga tere dum dee, baaj sajjan lajjpaal tere, mai kohjian kede kaam dee] what more can I ask God, I pray only for your longer life, because without my guardian my true love, I am worthless …


  1. ..."little mouse in a cat's mouth" and ..."little kitten in a cat's mouth".....between the two I think the greatest test of Faith would be that of the little mouse.

    Prayer without faith and faith without action are but exercises in futility. How many times one must take that leap of faith before it can be cultivated...!

  2. Grateful Khushi & Maxie for you Good company - have heard for decades that Good company (Satsang - Noble Company) is of paramount importance for inner growth. Many thanks also for notes on your blogs