Thursday, May 20, 2010

... dance for Me

It’s with salutations to our two pets – Cheeko & Cherry – who have added lots to our life – though physically small, they have huge personality & influence. Am personally of the belief that our pets are related to us – we have traveled together in an earlier life time as well, I feel

Among the things that are prominently visible – unconditional love, non stop playfulness, ability to enjoy simple things in life – just food, walk in the park, faultless loyalty, a friendly disposition all the time. Its a delight to see their excitement & joy as you reach home or once they figure out you are taking them for a walk! They almost dance in ecstasy!

Hopefully, one day, with same intensity & purity ... am able to ..... dance for Me!


  1. I love dogs too. My sweetest pet Heidi, a golden retriever, died a year back of cancer.I don't have the heart to get another. The one before her, a dachshund named Junior, died in a stray dog attack.It's very painful and I still miss my Heidi gurl.

    I'm sure you'll have your dance one day.

  2. What a beautiful post!! I am related to my dog, Angel. Not only that I have "grand-dogs" the dogs that belong to my children. I am lookin' forward to dancing myself.

  3. Most appreciative of your time & thought Khushi & Maxie. As we know Pablo Picasso "always drew animals with a gentle hand. "The Dog," thought to be a portrait of his beloved dachshund, Lump (German for "rascal"), who died one week before the artist himself, is the most well-known of all his animal drawings.In his words "He's not a dog, he's not a little man, he's somebody else."

  4. Thanks Raj for these nuggets of information. I appreciate it.