Thursday, May 6, 2010

… little hick-ups!

Sharing few signals over the years from … little hick-ups!

At the age of 16, I went to join Uni, at a distant location from home. Rigorous ragging was part of the informal “induction process” at the residential hostel. One night, few seniors decided that I must have a smoke & offered me a cigarette. Despite my humble & repeated pleas to the contrary, I was required to smoke. Without much of a choice, I was going to smoke! Just as the cigarette was going to touch me, a senior instructed – its OK – leave it!! Life has presented few challenges over the decades, driving me to the brink & thankfully saving me as well! Each such episode leaves you with a little message within.

One day, while cycling back from high school, I stopped for a drink of water at charitable water dispensing joint, called pyoo. An elderly man gave me water in a glass. Unintentionally, I left the empty glass there without rinsing it. He called me back & instructed me not to leave the glass unrinsed! A simple lesson that has been pretty handy for decades.

Our senior school physics teacher described an experiment one day. Next day, I openly questioned part of the description. It was fairly embarrassing to be given a dressing down for my bluntness! Gradually the edges rounded off – finally gaining kudos from many a teacher over many years.


  1. If you learn the lessons of the little hick-ups then you can make through the big ones. :o)

  2. Very true Raj, lessons can be learned from many small events that occur in life. They say it's the little things that matter, and I think this applies to learning too. The biggest lessons are hidden in tiny hiccups.

  3. Many thanks Maxie & Khushi - few years back a learned person mentioned to me that the Lord does not hand out a test that we are not prepared for! Am certainly trying to cultivate that Faith. Thanks again