Monday, March 14, 2011

... the Driver!

I have often enjoyed long drives, with music adding to the beauty of the passage. Was driving back from Newcastle to Sydney, few days back. Having driven many a time, over the years, by myself and also with family & friends, one is familiar with the passage. It's interesting to note that while many things change with time, perhaps, the one that does not change is the... the Driver!

Many learned ones have suggested to give up the idea of "doer-ship". It has been my effort to look after the safe passage of nears & dears. Am almost certain that am not ... the Driver!

There are moments, most deeply reflective and sensitive in nature, when I can say, I was with ... the Driver!

Long back, while driving along with our daughter, I would be eager to get to the work appointment. This fine teenage girl was relaxing with the music in slow traffic. This has been witnessed by ... the Driver!

Am pretty keen to handover everything totally to ... the Driver!


  1. I too love driving with the music on. It's relaxing. :o)

  2. Once again, Raj, you've hit upon one of my favorite themes. Relax and enjoy the ride; life will take you where you need to go.

  3. @Maxie
    "driving with the music on. It's relaxing" and at times very uplifting too. Always nice to read your notes Maxie. Thanks

  4. @NP
    Grateful for your Profound insights, so simply put "Relax and enjoy the ride; life will take you where you need to go" Am very keen to internalise that!

  5. Oh, I think the driver changes, too.

    Nice post, Raj.

  6. Given that you "think the driver changes" - I will have to search further Ken! Much appreciated