Monday, March 21, 2011

...the Story !

Having lived away from home for long periods, it has been necessary for me to communicate through letters. Gradually, the whole process of exchanging notes, becomes an integral part of ...the Story !

Once you put pen to paper, a certain creative energy manifests itself, sometimes.While it is not in your control, its flow does influence ...the Story !

When I look at my notes from years back, I can see that they are certainly telling some part of ...the Story !

"Be the change that you want to see" These words from Gandhi Ji have inspired many. Having learnt a bit about his journey, his interactions and his experiments, am getting a little bit about ...the Story !

Some four decades back, while walking by a construction site, I saw 5 little mice, frantically trying to dig a hole each in ground, right under the nose of a cat ! Few minutes later, one just gave up and was picked up by the cat. After seeing several events, narrations : deeply inspiring, sometimes scary and sad, or just sweet and gentle, I can see all of them trickling slowly somewhere into ...the Story !


  1. Once you put pen to paper...I really like the way you wrote that... and it's so true.

  2. Grateful as always Ken : you are such a fine person, who expresses so well with pen, paint & poetry !