Monday, March 7, 2011

...Nothing !!

This is partly to share the impression left within by quite a few acquaintances that have left the planet. Would like to mention our neighbour Bernie, a senior colleague Brian.... many a relation.... At this cross section, there is feeling of fine closure and acceptance. You wish them Peace, remember them warmly and carry .... Nothing.

As a child grows, learns to walk, it gradually lets go of your hand. The pleasure you derive from seeing your near ones grow is phenomenal. You pray for their well-being & expect ...Nothing.

For a very long time, I have enjoyed the preparation of an eatery in Delhi. Having left the place long back, you cherish the memory, value their expertise, but wait for ... Nothing.

Gradually, in most associations, you are trying to reach an even platform, where you value the contact & time, but expect ....Nothing !!


  1. Raj-your posts always resonate so beautifully with my way of thinking. I've probably written more aphorisms about Nothing than anything else. Nothing is my favorite thing.

  2. Very interesting post Raj. I felt like "nothing" sat me with many of those days in the juror's box, but it seems like that nothingness grabbed hold of me and made a change somehow. Does this make sense?

  3. @ NP
    Deeply grateful for all your Profound notes. Apart from my gratitude & warmth - can offer you Nothing.

  4. @SM
    Very beautifully put Kelly "nothingness grabbed hold of me and made a change somehow". Can relate to it wholeheartedly.

  5. Nothing is the ultimate goal. Nice piece, Raj!

  6. So true Nicone : Nothing to fear, Nothing to expect "Nothing is the ultimate goal". Many thanks