Friday, February 5, 2010

Attached Detachment !

It’s a fundamental concept of Life:

Life needs attachment to gain form and attributes
It needs detachment for growth and eventual transformation

Roots, to me, represent attachment. Leaves, on the other hand, represent detachment. Both are needed for feeling of completeness. Roots and leaves are linked – physically through fine mesh of capillaries and ducts, “notionally” as one “entity”. It’s difficult to comprehend – if roots feel any “loss” as the leaves fall of in autumn or feel elated as the new ones appear in spring – or it’s just a steady state of existence: Sat- Chit-Anand [Existence – Consciousness – Bliss]

Constant thrill

There are several pleasant experiences that one looks forward to repeating and sustaining for ever.
Most of these relate to sense & ego gratification
Avoidance of fear and uncertainty
Some experiences can be labeled as soul satisfying – these go beyond the realm of sense & ego gratification
Gradually we get to a steady state, as I understand, where sense & ego gratification start taking less importance, fears and concerns subside.

It’s our nature to search for the Infinite Nature – the notional reservoir of Infinite peace, bliss and sustenance. Once again to quote Tagore Sahib “We are like a stray line of a poem, which ever feels that it rhythms with another line and must find it, or miss its own fulfillment. This quest of the unattained is the great impulse in man which brings forth all his best creations. Man seems deeply to be aware of a separation at the root of his being, he cries to be led across it to a union; and somehow he knows that it is love which can lead him to a love which is final.”

At this cross section of time, am coming to the conclusion that two means are readily available to all of us to explore our link to the Infinite:
Our breath : we are inhaling from & exhaling into the Infinite constantly
Our thought: we have a constant stream of thoughts – mostly involuntarily – often labeled as head talk!
One of the simpler and pretty effective ways to establish the link is to just observe the flow to-and-from the Infinite, through observing the breath and thought: to discover our own passage to the Infinite bliss Sat- Chit-Anand!! It takes time and practice: few years, as we are told!

At times a couplet does seem to take hold of you from within as you travel along: Sahib Teri bandi haan !! (O Lord: am Yours: irrespective is my status - good or not so good!!)

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