Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Closest Friend

It has been customary for us as young kids in early 70s in India to write essays about our “favourite” leader, teacher and friend – glorifying them to divine proportions, larger than life.

This is an attempt to describe My Closest Friend (MCF) to the best of my ability and integrity

  • We have known each other for a very very long time – almost the whole of life time
  • There is no experience of my life, no ambition, no desire, no fear, no thrill that’s not known to MCF
  • MCF is fully aware of my dedication, devotion, determination or limitation thereof

I really value MCF despite the fact that

  • It may not be the most talented singer like Jagjit or Nusrat.
  • It is certainly not the most gifted scientist, painter or artist

Its difficult, rather impossible, to portray a picture of MCF – its there some where – perhaps within!
As this note is being written, am not sure about the role of MCF – a witness, a mentor, a coach or just the author? For sure it has travelled a long way ….

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