Saturday, February 13, 2010


  • There is a deep rooted acceptance within of “blessings” from elders, well wishers, saints & sages
  • As a learned saint described – blessings can not be given / sought at will. It’s a phenomenon that takes place of its own accord, when the giver and recipient are ready,
  • Few illustrative points as I see
    o Blessings can flow from anyone to anyone – between any two living beings
    o The impact is normally long term – e.g. clearing of a deep rooted doubt, fear, energy blockage, misconception etc
    o An eagerness to seek meaning of life, be in touch with rhythm of life, seems to help in seeking blessings – a respectful orientation helps too.
    o One can add the classic Zen illustration of empty cup – you can only pour into an empty cup!!!
    o Am tempted to note that blessings keenly help with spiritual progress, self understanding, journey towards final destination, like a catalyst

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