Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where are You !

  • We all need friendly contact based on our nature & nurture.
  • Distance from nears & dears can be a daunting experience for most - even during the best of circumstance for the strong willed as well!!
  • Several poets have tried to capture this distance beautifully
    Akhiya Udeek Diyan Dil Vaaja Maarda Aaja Pardesiya Vaasta Eh Pyaar Da Aaja Tenu Akhiya Udeek Diyan
    [Translation: My eyes long for you: this Heart calls for you O Dear! Please appear O Foreigner, for the sake of my love!!]
  • Gradually it emerges that the "real" friend resides within, always - quietly!!
  • Given that the "real" friend is so close - its not visible to the naked eye. It can be felt at certain times
  • Its fascinating to see that most of us, most of the time, are seeking something - that we already have and don't need much else!!
  • We are aware that our heart beats - non-stop, our organs function non-stop mostly without our knowledge. We need assistance to "listen" to our organs that are functioning within. Perhaps we need assistance, practice, patience and silence to listen to this closest friend residing within.
  • One is aware of immediate surroundings: our actions, reactions, concerns, thoughts, most of the time, when one is awake. We have memories of all sorts from past experiences, pleasant & not so pleasant. Sometimes, one has only a partial recollection of an event - "I remember meeting them at 6 pm outside the station - I do not remember what we had for dinner" it becomes clearer that "I" is always present, as a witness, fully aware of what's going on....
  • This ever present, often felt, very seldom visible friend - needs fine tuning and silence to "reveal" itself - its there always!! its more than:
    o our thoughts - : thoughts are very strong forces : still transitory
    o our thrills, fears, concerns, plans - these are also forces to be aware of - these are not permanent
  • Its probably the canvas - on which Life paints itself - every moment!!
  • Am pleased to reflect and include earlier notes from the diary as well :
    Love thy neighbour: to develop a relaxed, friendly orientation towards oneself, it’s imperative to: know, understand yourself - your primary needs, fears & driving forces: provide for, arrange, reinforce, facilitate your own support structure - it often involves family & friends: forgiveness towards yourself - nobody is perfect: charity begins at home - be kind to yourself also: listen to the "kid" within!
    It's rather simple to conclude that “I " am just an observer of this ever changing, never stopping Samsara. The OBSERVER (" I ") is Always there – whenever there is any observation, experience, expression, interaction :UNAFFECTED by the phenomenon – its detached by its very nature : At times mixed up with body-mind complex – It "appears" to be in pain, pleasure, concerned, delighted etc – Actually it is NOT !

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