Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guru Moments !

There are several occasions when one can say - I was in the presence of the Guru. Few instances include
  • A close family uncle saying “Rajeev … it (life) is just a dream ... the best way out is daan (charity / donation)”
  • A very close elder saying “… we have more faith in Rajeev than in God…”
  • Arrival of our kids - source of deep joy - sometimes challenging - but always comforting within
  • Meeting our parent like family ( no blood relations) at Jamshedpur & the association taking deep roots within
  • A close friend reaching our place in dire stress
  • There are several occasions of being in presence of elders and evolved souls that go way beyond the realm of a regular meeting.
  • I must mention the maid servant at our place in mid 70s - an old frail lady - from her meagre income - she used to save & buy shoes for her grown up son, who was behind bars - she was one courageous & determined lady

    Such encounters - that I feel are Guru Moments, have a deep impact:
  • Seating of a concept within - like yogurt sets in a pot - it becomes an integral part of ‘you’ - it may not be at the forefront all the time - but its there.
  • Clearing of cob-webs - your confusion settles down, you feel fairly rooted
  • It adds to your conviction and self acceptance without any arrogance

    These Guru Moments
  • Are mostly unexpected, unrecognised, unstructured, unplanned :- often recognisable only after a while
  • The Guru is what you see in the picture - it’s a very different picture for others
  • “Guru” need not be in a particular robe, posture, place or platform - infact they may not even know that you are seeing the “Guru” in them at that moment
  • These moments are often loose ended, organic, almost evolving of their own accord - can be occasionally confrontational, uneasy, unsettling in short term but positively reassuring in the long term.

    The journey certainly continues…


  1. Raj,
    I've just enjoyed a leisurely stroll through your garden of thoughts. Thank you. You go to the heart of the centuries-long debate between epistemology and intuition, and I think you show that each nourishes the other. I once fancied myself a Trancendentalist, but I was a mere sampler; you have drunk at the fountain.


  2. Grateful for your kind words Robert. I do go over my notes often, over many months & years to validate & reflect. Your words fasciliate this process. Much appreciated.

    In the Uddhava Gita a song embedded in the Bhagavata Purana, there is a story of Dattatreya sung by Krishna which enumerates a list of his twenty-four gurus: earth, air, sky or ether, water, fire, sun, moon, python, pigeons, sea, moth, bee, bull elephant, bear, deer, fish, osprey, a child, a maiden, a courtesan, a blacksmith, serpent, spider, and wasp. The 24 Gurus of Dattateya come from the 24 gurus of Avadhut described in the Purana.

  4. ".. enumerates a list of his twenty-four gurus: ... water, fire, sun, moon, .. a child, a maiden, .. " thanks a lot BharatPutra. It has been my good fortune to have received radiation occasionally from some of the sources listed including the sun, moon, .. a child, a maiden. Its an earnest desire to move towards more lasting contact!

  5. Yes!!! This is how I feel about gurus, and the painting ( is dedicated to all gurus, be they in robes or rags or just regular everyday folks. Anyone who has knowingly or unknowingly touched my life and guided me toward the stillness, is my guru.. and I bow to the guru in all of us.
    Thanks Raj.