Saturday, February 13, 2010

..pull of Gravity !

There are occasions when you can feel the pull of Gravity on your soul, not just on your body. This is an attempt to describe, illustrate and share these ecstatic moments.
  • It was Newton who “discovered” laws of gravity – Earth pulls us with exactly the same force, as we exert, despite its huge mass.
  • Einstein: spent several long years – trying to demonstrate a “unified” force – it still remains to be demonstrated.
  • Experience when you can feel the pull of Gravity :-
    o Very moving, immensely intense, you feel “pulled”, helplessly teary at the same time fully aware, joyful and blissful – more than just happy! Probably it’s a state beyond duality of happiness & sadness – its bliss!
    o Almost “choking experience” – with water taking over airways and dissolving all solid matter within! – and you want it that way !
    o You want the experience to last for ever. It seems time stops for few moments!
    o Your inner self melts – feels very much in presence of a bigger Self.
    o You almost cease to exist as an individual entity - you are sort of “consumed” by the bigger Self – you feel safe & fearless, though there are hardly any feelings!
    o Normally this is precipitated by an event or recollection of the event :-
  • A song, narration, illustration very dear to you
  • Meeting or leaving a very close relation, illuminated being, friend, associate after a long time or in special circumstance!
  • One can not engineer this state – though regular practice, meditation and reflection help. The same song, the same episode, the same dialogue may or may not precipitate the experience.

When you try to recount the experience – only few pieces are scattered around! One way to describe it is – that at that moment – you are not concerned as to when the bough breaks!

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