Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dharma !

Like any other word that points to a process within and manifestation outside, Dharma can be interpreted, illustrated and assimilated in many different ways. One of the more practical illustrations that I have come across implies “that which holds you together: prevents disintegration”.

Based on our nature & nurture, we absorb from our surroundings: our behavior and thought pattern. At social and operational level, any effort that helps with internal consolidation is acceptable: reading a certain text, worshiping a certain deity, following a certain routine or ritual, chanting a mantra: essentially to strengthen mind and body – to prevent disintegration.

We are familiar with common folklores where evolved souls have sought further direction from simple every day beings like the cobbler, the fisherman or the householder or for that matter a rat or a snake! The basic underlying Unity, as we are told, permeates throughout anyway. In my limited experience, there have been several occasions when a cab driver, a security guard, a maid, an hotelier, a close relation, an associate or a pet have provided valuable insights towards this Unity!!

When asked how long the legs should be, we are told, Aristotle said: “long enough to reach the ground”. My Dharma is my ground: so is yours too!! It keeps us Grounded, connected and consolidated as One entity. One gradually figures out one’s Ground!

It’s said that if you give someone a ton of fish, you are feeding them for a month. If you teach them fishing: you are feeding them for a life time! By logical extension: a real friend is one who “imparts” the skills and “disappears” in the background! That’s your Dharma: the silent, benevolent, ever-present, yet mostly invisible Friend! :
This song – is a devotional dialogue between a devotee & Divine - trying to understand what it is ALL about!
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

[Translation] Sometimes you are hidden as non-existence and somewhere you appear as existence…If you are not then why deny? Even the negation confirms Your existence. The one I call my Existence who is that if not You? If you didn’t come in my thoughts…Then how did I learn you are God?

With earnest wish that we walk pleasantly with our Dharma!!!

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